July 31 – Crater Lake

We head out at 10:30 – it’s getting later! Take 97 south and then backroad it to the coast. Turn to 140 toward Crater Lake for a peek. On the way we watch two hawks being evicted by swallows, and then a Golden Eagle.

Into Crater Lake. It’s a bit zoo-y here, but it is really very beautiful, and pictures just don’t do it justice. We are in the National Park and find fossil steam – yes, this is a real thing.

Now heading on 138 to Roseburg, the summit is 5,500′, and we run into Mt. Thielsen. Mt. Thielsen is the center plug of a volcano. Glaciers carved away the outer part of the volcano, leaving this craggy center. Known as “the lightning rod of the Cascades” the top is said to have melted obsidian from so many strikes.

We pass Diamond and Lemolo lakes, drive through great forests of tall evergreens and stop to play a bit at Umpquah River. Head into Roseburg for the night.

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