July 30 – Klamath

Late start today. Out of Prineville at noon! Head on S 27 following the Crooked River, going through a narrow canyon with again, amazing basalt formations, sparkling water, winding back and forth. Fly fishers on the river left and right – really bugging us ; )

At Silver Lake Road we come into a Pine forest. I am always struck by the beauty of these pines, so tall and straight with beautifully patterned bark. Many burned trunks, but they are strong and have the ability to withstand fires when conditions are right.

Out of the forest on 18 we come into range land – grasses, sage, etc. We can see Fort Rock and stop at the site to view closer.

Continuing on we return to Silver Lake Road and into Colliers State Park and Logging Museum. Lots of old logging equipment, massive old machines – David would love this! We then head into Klamath Marsh, a protected preserve. This area is huge and awesome, and like a little Everglades.

Go into Chiloquin on Klamath Tribal land. Then continue into Klamath Falls for the night, passing Klamath Lake. Klamath Lake is massive and gives Lake Washington a run.

Another wonderful day.

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