July 6 – Out of Omak

Stopped for breakfast at Magoo’s on Main Street, Omak (don’t know if there is actually a “Main Street” but it’s the main street). It was very full and while waiting for a table an old rancher and his young (20?) nephew were sitting in the booth next to us. The old fellow began “flirting” with me, beckoning me to sit with him, take Steve home, etc., all in good fun while the nephew looked like “shut up!” We all got to talking and when he learned we were from Seattle, he said “you must be democrats! So am I!” I asked the young man if he was on a summer break and he said he had time off from work so he could come and spend time with his uncle. When I asked what he did for work, he proudly said “I’m a rancher…and a republican!” Nice people. We sat and had breakfast, they left and came over to shake hands. When it was time to pay the bill, the waitress said that the old rancher paid the bill! He was a regular and a real sweet guy. I asked her to tell him next time he was in that I left him a big kiss ; ) Fun.

On to Keller’s Landing Ferry, via 155 > Cache Creek Road > 21 > Keller’s Landing. Ferry fit about nine cars and it moved across the Columbia River slow enough that the air was warm and delicious, you could smell the water, and the scenery beautiful.

From the other side we continued through wheat and through Wilber on Hwy 21 (blue) on Wheat Ridge Road through Bergau and Schuster. On Springs Dairy Road we passed Swanson’s School House, lots of tiny lakes, hit Lamp Road and then Coffee Pot Road. Beautiful country in Washington. We continue through the Palouse into Harrington, hit 23 and beautiful grain fields. All you can see every direction, fields of various shades of green, yellow, pale cream. Into St. John (interesting little spot), through Endicott to 127. Through Central Ferry on the Snake River, which is a grain port. Barges load up on the river and take it back out to markets further west via the Columbia. On to Dead Man Road, Lodgerwood, and Hwy 12 crossing over the Snake into Lewiston. Weather prevents pitching the tent – can’t wait for the van in our future! Great day!

2 thoughts on “July 6 – Out of Omak

  1. I can’t tell how much I am enjoying your trip….the pictures & your “script” are wonderful…keep ’em coming…Love Mom


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