August 1 – Lost in Tranquillity

Up and out of Roseburg, then following Umpquah River west. Had to turn around in the high country, due to downed trees on the road. There was a bad storm in February causing much damage to the forest.

Back to 138 and try Tyee Road. Stop along the river and we watch a mud dauber building her beautiful nest. Head down Wongoner Creek Ridge Rd. This road takes us up and back down to the river after climbing very high into the mountains on roads we don’t know the name of.

We come to a trailer and pickup sort of tucked into the brush and, looking like it is occupied, Steve gets out and calls “hello.” An elderly man peeks from behind the back of the trailer camper, hiding himself, and says he knows nothing about the road, he only stays here. Not sure what was up, but he was different and Steve said he felt hinky to him. On our way.

Seeing logging roads everywhere, and eventually find big logging equipment and come upon a trailer and pickup. This one looked really lived in, with hanging flower basket, vegetable garden in pots, etc. “Hello” brought an elderly man with obvious back troubles but more than friendly. He was a logger all his life, and now he and his wife were here as guardians of the equipment that was salvaging all the downed storm trees. They were cut off for more than a week during the big storm. “You are on the right road – just 3 more miles down to the river!”

Work our way to Florence and stop to stay for the night. Dinner is seafood, oysters and razor clams. Then a lovely evening drive to the dunes and the ocean beach. Florence is at the mouth of the Umpquah River. Really fun 18 hours.

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