July 23 – The Lincoln and Victor

Up early, great sleep again! Diane packs up the tent, etc. while Steve cooks a delishous cheddar omlet. We pack up and stop on the way down the mountain, at the Ictheosaur exhibit. Multiple Ictheosaurs were found together right where they are exhibited, still in the rock. They look like very mean and scary pilot whales. Archeologists believe they all died of red tide infected feed.

On to Ione via the back route. Ione is an almost-ghost-town in the Reese River Valley (beautiful). We enter the Yomba Shoshone Reservation and head north passing Derringer’s Blacksmith Site.

Next stop, Hess Ranch. Long abandoned but in surprisingly good “ruin” condition, this was quite an operation. Great examples of building with local materials. Includes a “manor house” and a barn owl nest!

Decide to stay in Austin at the Lincoln Motel. This is a funky little place that we have stayed at multiple times, and it was so nice to be remembered by the owner. She started as a housekeeper 7 years ago, and two years ago was able to purchase when the owner wanted to retire. Very sweet lady and nice husband.

We head over to the International for dinner. Victor, a Serbian immigrant has owned the International for many, many years. The bar was brought up from Virginia City in the 1800’s, and Victor is full of stories. Steve heads over later to visit more after we finish the good dinner his wife prepared us. Torrental rain. Car got a good wash inside & out – we forgot the “sun” roof!

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