July 22 – Repeat

Such a beautiful spot we have. Great sleep, deer running through the camp early. We decide to stay one more night here. We are on top of the mountain with amazing views, and there are maybe two other campers a good distance from us, so we hear nothing but the birds and light breeze. Just a very relaxed day in a place of solitude.

Steve goes for a bit of a roam. It’s very hot and with the altitude, seems hotter. We’ve had a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoe scramble, and coffee. After breakfast, we relax, we nap, we relax. After a bit we do head down to Gabbs to get more ice and eggs. We take a little toodle around the town, 1/2 is good, 1/2 is ramshackle but all in all the town and it’s people feel good.

There is a storm in the distance, over the mountains. We see a tornado or a funnel cloud and watch it for some time before it dissipates. Head back to camp about 6pm, thinking to leave the fly off of the tent but decide no, what if it rains? Spend a lovely evening again watching the sunset, the stars, the Milky Way, and the many satellites orbiting our planet.

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