July 24 – Happy 90th, Mom!

Today is Mom’s 90th birthday, and she is healthy, strong, and still lots of fun to be with! God has blessed her and all who know her! Thank you for being the best, Mom. (PS – we found this wine shop for folks in your generation!)

Said farewell to the folks at Lincoln Motel, gas up and go. At Mt. Arie we are at 6600′. Steve spots lots of Mormon Crickets on the road and must stop to check them out (of course!).

Continue on Hwy 50, “The Lonliest Highway” and see one of the Pony Express routes – you can actually see trails. Turn off at Fairview Peaks Earthquake Faults in the Golden Mountains, aka Dromedary Hump, 15 miles out and back. Interesting to see the fault so clearly and up close. The earthquake causing this was a 7.3 on the Richter in 1954. Also interesting is the fact that camels were used by military and non as early as 1857 in the area, thus Dromedary Hump!

Up Drumm Peak Summit (4600′) and across Din’e Valley to Sand Mountain. Impressive.

Drive 50 through Fallon. Fallon has grown and has everything a community could need. Fallon is Diane’s hometown, having been born in the Navy hospital in neighboring Hawthorne, NV.

There is a beautiful wetland preserve, Stillwater just outside Fallon. We have visited in the past, and once again saw many types of birds – Avocet, White Faced Ibis just to name a couple.

Fernley for the night.

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