July 21 – Gabbs and the Milky Way

Out of Tonopah on 95/6 to south 265, Silver Peak Range to our right and the White Mountain Range in California to our left as we move through Clayton Valley and into Silver Peak Town. Left on Spring Road, a road covered in rock salt which over time, with rain, melt, and solidify, the road is extremely flat and smooth.

Heading to Alkali Springs we spot three black burros, two of which are trying to catch shade cast by a Joshua tree! We stop at Alkali Springs hoping to take a dip. We had to settle for just our feet dipping as the pools themselves are quite slippery with algae and, being of the end of the boomers, we can’t afford broken anything!

Go through Goldfield, an old mining town. Very funky little town. Take 266 to Lida then left on 774 toward Gold Point, “The Town That Wouldn’t Die.” After a look, we are on Wylie Road, and work our way back to 266. Hwy 266, I believe, is one that Molly Jessup would love – it is covered with glitter everywhere! Well, ok, it’s mica but still – glitterama!

At Lida Summit we are 7400′ in elevation. Pass through Palmeto (ghost town) at the California boarder and drive up Fish Lake Valley to Oasis Ranch.

Continuing we cross back into Nevada on NV264 and through the small town of Dyer. The area has a beautiful desert basin landscape. Hyw 6 to 380 going through the town of Mina and take the “Grand Army of the Republic Hwy” to Looning.

After Looning we come to Gabbs in the Stewart Valley. Stewart, Ione, and Monte Chriso Valleys all converge a bit further on. We stop in Gabbs for gas and then the Little Cafe/Bar for a bit. Quirky and delightful establishment, as well as the gas station – we were lucky the guy was there or would have had to go to his house!

We head up into the mountain to Berlin and the Icthiosauras Park for the night – yeah! Camping! We get set up and sit watching the sunset and then the night sky. Clear sky, stars so bright, meteors all around, Milky Way, no bugs, no wind. Just about perfect. Oh, and silent!

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