August 2 – Oh, the Frustration

Out of Florence and up the coast on Hwy 101. Yes, there is traffic but we want to walk on the beach so stop at a wayside. It is overcast and warm and delicious on the beach. Love Oregon beaches – well, any beaches.

Continue on with some spotty drizzle that turns to rain. Head on 99 west and continue looking for lodging – make it a short day, find something to do, etc. We decide to go I5 to 205 east.

We finally stop in Woodburn and find a room after 3 hours of maneuvering through wretched traffic jams and closures on roads we hoped would help us escape. End up staying at a Windham. I have to say, when we do stay at a motel, it is a roadside, single level, park and walk in your door. The Windham, while considerably more costly, was less comfortable that most of the places we have stayed (with the exception of the cat motel) with walls you can’t hear through! Well, there was only one room left, smoking, and the gal gave us a bottle of Fabrize and told us to turn on the air and spray the room. Okaaaay. We did.

After spraying the room, we heard about drag races very nearby, so headed out to watch. Unfortunately, our source (the hotel desk) was wrong and the races wouldn’t start until the next day.

Back to the room, watched Andy Griffith for a minute, then lights out. Great day!

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