July 17 – The Shifting Sands

Page, Arizona overlooks Lake Powell, and is growing. Several hotels are being built with river views joining 3 or 4 others.

We head out on 89 over Glen Canyon, passing Wahweap and are on the northern side of the Grand Canyon. Turning on 580 into Escalante Staircase we find a few petroglyphs and pass Nipple Ranch (and Nipple Creek, and Mary’s Nipple, whatever that is!). The road is good except for the sections of sand. We came to one spot that dipped and rose but there was too much sand to take a chance with the Forester – it’s good, but not in sand. Once again we backtrack. We go over Buckskin Wash and we continue 89 over Johnson Wash, then north on Johnson Canyon Road. Pass by Eagle Arch, United Order of Enoch, Wind Mill pictographs – or I should say, we thought we would but never saw them, missed the turn (did you see a road?) or maybe?

Into the town of Glendale, we think about an Alpine village. We go through Glendale, then stop in Orderville (they really are, orderly) for ice.

Continuing through Mt. Carmel we head south on Sand Dunes Road to the Coral Pink Sandunes State Park. Pink granite dunes against red and gold rock walls.

We cross into Arizona on Canyon Road then right on Cane Beds Road to 89. Down into Hurricane and stop for the night. Hope the lights stay on.

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