July 16 – Off Track and Loving It

When we arrived at San Juan Inn last night, we were met by a braying burro behind a gate where the path leads to the river. Steve had an apple and shared it. There came a second critter, a miniature donkey so Steve shared with him, two. Apparently these guys are regulars.

Heading out on 163 south toward 419 Douglas Mesa Road, we take a right onto a loop around Monument Valley. We continued until because the sand got too deep and we could go no farther, so thought maybe we made the turn too soon (rarely are signs naming the roads so make the choice on the map). Going back the way we came, take 163 again and look for another side road. Looks good, but…We happened upon a cowboy who told us that we were way off! We spot more horses galloping across the top of the ridge in the distance.

Backtracked and found Train Rock Rd. Loop. Train Rock is immense like everything else, and does look like a train engine. Heading then into Oljito we are looking for a historical establishment, The Trading Post. The establishment was exactly that, and is not in operation, but the building is in remarkable shape for its age. Continuing on 163 through Black Mesa and Kayente, we take a left at 98 taking us to Kaibeto for ice. We are at 6,600′.

Head into Page and stop. Several blocks lost power for about 30 minutes – thunder and lightning.

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