July 14 – Our Amazing Ancients

Stepping outside the air smells clean after the night’s thunderstorms. Stop for breakfast with Chance, gas up (3.13!) then wave adios to Montecello.

Take 200 south to Abado then S191 into Manti-Lesal Forest and hit 211 to Newspaper Rock. So much information shared with others – water, game, foot and hand prints. Judging from the messages, this area was a treasure trove of good water and fishing, game, life.

Take S191 back to Montecello, then 416 (mile marker 67). Turn in and stop at the visitor center to inquire. The woman working there was very informative, and shared her belief that she is descended from beings from Sirius B. She was quite convincing and we did enjoy visiting with her. She gave us a map and we were off.

Into Montezuma Canyon – so much to see! We came to cliff dwellings and art over and over again. Noteworthy is a seemingly upset man at the arrival of a pioneer family. Much was older, but it is fascinating to see a reference to the first “invaders.” I was unable to capture this image, but Steve got a good one.

One dwelling was high up in a cave – see the hand and foot holds on the wall? We spent several hours exploring and then ending the day in Blanding.

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