July 10 – Moose Anyone?

Broke camp quite early after a visit by two curious deer. Brushed the ice off the tent and loaded up, heading to Kemmerer. On the drive out on Grey’s River Road we saw four (4!) bull moose and one cow moose. They were in a luscious marsh enjoying breakfast. We could not believe our eyes, and they checked us out but didn’t seem the least bit bothered. Moving on about 3 minutes what do we see? Another four doing the same thing in another marsh! So fortunate to have seen these splendid creatures.

Quick stop in Kemmerer to pick up a prescription, have a bit of eggs and sausage, then we head south on 189 and west on 412. Passing through the small town of Carter, 412 becomes 414 through Bridger Valley, south 43, south on 44, south on 191 and into Vernal, “Utah’s Dinosaur Land.” Saw the site of the “first” Mountain Man Rendezvous.

We were really worn out – big day with lots of back roads (100+ miles) so ordered delivery and went to sleep.

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