August 4 – Leaving Moro

Leave Moro on 206 looking for Klondike Road into fields of grain and windmills.

We take a detour down an old Oregon Trail path. On the route we notice green in the stones on the banks next to the road. Of course, we must stop. Wow! Treasure trove of Gaspeite and Agate and more. Spent quite a bit of time collecting, then continued on forcing ourselves not to “look” – our eyes are always scanning for rocks! There was a large piece of basalt here with notes about the initials carved into it as a possible sign post for early emigrants.

At the end of the Trail we come to the point where the emigrants forded the John Day River. Although it is still shallow at this point, we thought it prudent to turn around rather than give it a go across the river. So fun to see this path.

Finding an old, “historic” graveyard on Rayburn Road we stop to take a look and visit the residents. Many children from each family tells us that life here was tough. Folks were isolated in a harsh environment. We didn’t see a marker that was later that 1933. The main families here were Rayburn and VanPatten.

Continuing on Emigrant Springs Lane we find a great old farm house in the middle of a wind farm. Steve comments on the former residents seeing this now. The house did have plumbing and electricity at some point.

Another dead end turns us to the “main” road and we meander through grain fields, cattle, wind and electricity fields and awesome views of the Columbia River. Beautiful drive.

We head into Goldendale, WA for the evening. Last night out – we’ll be home tomorrow. Another wonderful day.

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